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Question   Your Gallery
Impressive...love your bold colors and your perspective is so unique. Thank you for sharing your beautiful work....

- Gail Vitikacs May 06, 2011

  Answer Fell out of bed feelnig down. This has brightened my day!

- Mimosa Mimosa  July 24, 2011

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Question   Your AMAZING talent.
I have really enjoyed looking through your gallery!! 2 pictures that have really captured my attention are "The Pheasant Has Landed" and "I Love Cabernet Sauvignon." :D BEAUTIFUL SHOTS! You have a very wonderful eye!

I came across your website through your son, actually. He did the media for my dad's memorial, and our paths crossed again at the Red Cross when he took my blood. :P He told me about your photography since I told him that photography was my passion... and your photos have definitely lived up to his compliments about your art!

If you'd like, you can check out my photography: www.untamedxexpression.deviantart.com/ I'm just an amateur of 2-years... and only 16, but if you have some spare time, feel free to browse my photos. :]

God bless.

- Dierdre Cook August 07, 2008

  Answer Thanks, Dierdre...

I'd be curious to know how you got started and what training you've had. I see a certain sense of humor in your work ("macro" for example). It also seems from your work that you've lived with a level of pain that is unusual. You communicate that clearly.

Pain and I have walked a long ways together, but I found I could walk through it and get beyond it. I'm grateful for the healing.

What do you like most about photography?


- Tedd Cadd  August 08, 2008

  Answer Well put, sir, well put. I'll certailny make note of that.

- Kathy Kathy  June 04, 2013

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